The Big Flip

Maybe it’s the New Moon, maybe it’s just me getting older – whatever the reason – I decided that my b-day this year will bring not only a change in my age, but one in my habits.

The ‘Big Flip’ (how I like to call it) involved not only a training of my instinctive reflexes, but also a reset of one of my firm beliefs.

Considering I spend somewhere between 3 to 5 hours using my phone daily (or maybe just unlocking it without any purpose – I know, it’s called addiction), I would say my reflexes are pretty strongly tied to my most familiar operating system.

For years in a row, I was waiting for September to watch the launching of Apple’s latest iPhone model. And every year, without any doubt, ‘IT’ would end up on my wishlist.

Fast forwarding to today, my interest for the new iPhone dropped so low that I started wanting something completely new. So here I am checking for alternatives.

After watching million reviews (more or less), I got the feeling that Apple is cheating me. This new generation of Huawei phones are doing a fantastic job on both camera and processor level. For half price!

Furthermore, although I never thought I can use another operating system, I have to say that Android is nowadays offering some even better features that iOS. There are still some improvements that I hope for, but the adaptation is more that manageable.

I will not get into technical details, there are tons of reviews out there and that’s not the purpose of this post.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling you to get a Huawei (this is not an affiliate account, so let it be clear I am not paid for this post). What I am trying to say is that we should always keep out mind and heart open.

Although we think of ending or quitting as something unbearable, the truth is:

– there is ALWAYS another option

– change is part of PROGRESS

We shouldn’t be afraid to consider and embrace change constantly. Trust me, sometimes it beats any expectation!

I invite you to check the photo capabilities of the 2 brands in the below comparison (both flagship phones).


New Year Resolution

I believe that it is in our power to make our lives better, but we need to work for it and be persistent. One way to build a strong mindset is by asserting positive thoughts on a daily basis. To start with a good attitude every morning, I have added motivational notes on my calendar which remind me to think positive when I wake up. So when the alarm starts, I get an inspirational message on my phone screen and it makes it difficult to snooze after seeing it.

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I am waiting for it 8 months, every year. It is finally here and I know most people agree with me when I say that summer is our favorite season. Why do we love it to the bones? Literally ‘to the bones’, as sunlight exposure boosts the production of Vitamin D, which is essential to bones health.

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Outside the box

One of the most desired ability in our beloved blogosphere (and not only) is creativity. As we can never get enough of it, today my post is dedicated to the ‘sacred’ creative process.

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Cat superpowers

There is nothing like cats and I cannot imagine life without them in it. They were a symbol of divinity in ancient Egypt and have been both worshiped and feared throughout the ages for being magical. Nowadays around 37% of American homes are run by cats. Cats could definitely rule the world with their unique skills and fantastic powers simple mortals can only dream of.

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Vitamin C(ool)


Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for humans, very important to many functions in the body. And, because this important vitamin is water soluble – meaning that it is not stored by the body, but filtered out – it is important to get it daily. Why?

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Originally made by Aztecs, guacamole plays now a significant role in Mexican cuisine. It gained a lot in popularity over the years, being nowadays used worldwide in a variety of different forms and ways – as a dip, sauce, condiment or salad ingredient, all of them delicious.

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